Moving Wisconsin Forward


“I am happy to announce my endorsement of Gae Magnafici for the State Assembly. As a physician, I know that Gae’s years of experience in the medical field will be a huge asset to the legislature as it continues to tackle healthcare issues. Being a nurse for 35 years, Gae has spent her career making life saving decisions every single day. The ability to make a tough decision and stand by it is exactly what is needed to make a difference in the State Assembly.

Further, I am thrilled to support a candidate who is staunchly pro-life. Gae will continue to fight to protect the most vulnerable in our society – the unborn. Please join me in supporting Gae Magnafici – a Conservative voice for Northwestern Wisconsin.”
Former Rep. Erik Severson

“Without hesitation, I wholeheartedly endorse Gae Magnafici to be the next State Representative from the 28th District. Gae has spent her entire career helping others and is now looking to continue by serving her community in the State Assembly. I couldn’t think of a better person to step into this role than Gae. As the voters get to know Gae, they will find that she is passionate, tenacious, and unapologetically conservative.”

I urge my friends, family, and neighbors to join me in supporting Gae Magnafici in her race for the State Assembly. Madison needs Gae’s voice and I look forward to working hard to get her elected.”
Rep. Adam Jarchow

“I am honored to be able to endorse Gae Magnafici in her race for the State Assembly. I have known Gae for over 20 years and I have the utmost respect for her and her experience as a healthcare professional. Her years of making tough decisions as a nurse have given her the experience she needs to represent the 28th District in Madison.  

Personally, I know Gae to be a smart, thoughtful, no-nonsense woman who will fight for everything we believe in as Conservatives. We need Gae’s leadership in Madison – please join me in supporting her campaign.”
-Former Rep. John Murtha