Introducing Gae Magnafici

Candidate for the 28th Assembly District

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Gae Magnafici is Running for
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Directly From Gae

Why I’m Running for Re-election

After much consideration, I have decided to announce my intention to run for re-election for the State Assembly from the 28th District. Since retiring after 35 years as a Pediatric Registered Nurse (specializing in Oncology, ER, medical surgical, sedation, NICU and PICU) and 12 years working for the Department of Mental Health, I bring a different perspective to the table from working with people in difficult and critical situations.

I have been a fiscal and social conservative all my life and supported candidates with these views. Joining the Polk County Republican party about 20 years ago, I have served as vice-chair and been on the executive committee.

“Achievement is not about what you’ve done, but what you’ve gained from your experience.” Author unknown.

Together We Win!

Working Together, We Can Keep the 28th District Moving Forward!

The Issues

Prioritizing Education

Attracting Jobs to Our Area

Reducing Waste and Abuse

Protecting Our Sporting Heritage

Budgeting for Tomorrow