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March 18, 2024

Press Release

Gae Magnafici Announces Retirement After Distinguished Service as Wisconsin State Representative 

[Dresser, Wis.] – March 18, 2024 – Representative Gae Magnafici, a committed advocate for the residents of Polk County and parts of Burnett and St. Croix Counties, today announced her decision to retire from the Wisconsin State Assembly. Her departure signifies the conclusion of an impactful period in public service, marked by her unwavering dedication to the community and the improvement of Wisconsin.

Following a meaningful career in nursing, Gae Magnafici ventured into politics in 2018, driven by a strong desire to further serve her community. Her campaign, centered on the pillars of reducing healthcare costs and diminishing taxes for her constituents, found widespread resonance, leading to her role as a representative for the people of Northwest Wisconsin.

In office, Representative Magnafici has been a staunch advocate for the principles she cherishes deeply. Her commitment to making healthcare more affordable and accessible has remained steadfast, a testament to her nursing background and her empathy for the daily struggles of Wisconsinites. Her efforts to ensure fiscal responsibility and lessen the tax load on her constituents have resulted in meaningful legislative successes, bringing tangible benefits to families and businesses across her district.

Reflecting on her retirement, Representative Magnafici shared, “Serving the incredible people of Polk County and parts of Burnett and St. Croix Counties has been among the most fulfilling experiences of my life. From my early days in nursing to my years in the state assembly, my mission has been to positively affect the lives of those in our community. As I prepare to leave public office, my dedication to this community does not waver. I am immensely thankful for the trust and support extended to me over the years and am optimistic about the future prosperity and growth of our great state.”

She added, “My time in government has reinforced my belief in the power of freedom—the freedom to live without undue reliance on government support, and the freedom that comes from being a responsible, self-reliant American citizen. It’s a lesson I will carry into retirement as I continue to advocate for policies that empower individuals and ensure our community thrives on the principles of liberty and self-determination.”

As Representative Magnafici transitions into retirement, she looks forward to dedicating more time to her family and seeking new ways to contribute to her community, leaving behind a legacy of service that will continue to inspire future generations of leaders.

We wish her joy and fulfillment in her retirement, confident in her ongoing journey of service and leadership.

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